Saturday, February 14, 2009

Could I resist?

It wasn't long before I was once again confronted with the opportunity to have another man. Joe was out of town and I was particularly horny. I found myself drawn to a neighborhood bar in another part of town, mostly younger people and hot guys. I went with the intention of having a drink and watching a college football game. It wasn't long before a young 30ish guy approached, commenting on the game and we struck up a quick conversation. Between the Margaritas and my horniness I had his big thick cock in my hand separated only by his Levis. I wanted him in me so bad but all I could think of was Joe and his complete trust in me.

At that point I was committed to my plan of seducing him to share me with other men. I wanted to share this sexual experience with him NOT exclude him. I left the bar and went home called Joe to say goodnight and masturbated myself to sleep. The next day I felt like a new, but very determined woman. It was Saturday evening and I had a surprise for Joe. I had ordered several hot movies and turned the DVD player on. We hadn't watched porn for many years and Joe was quite excited to find the movie heating up the screen. We sat back in the bed and my plan was begun. I inserted my vibrator and told Joe to start masturbating himself as I started commenting on the movie. What a hot slut the girl was and how much she seemed to be enjoying his big hard cock. He agreed and said it would turn him on to see a big fat cock in my pussy. I was floored that he was thinking that, much less telling me that it would turn him on. I wasn't sure that he meant it so I told him I had a fantasy of having him and a stranger fucking me in a 3way fashion. He came so hard I thought he would pass out...he began talking nasty to me and seconds later I came hard again.

I ask him if he was serious and he began telling me he often beat off thinking of pimping me out to other men. To see me sucking and fucking other men was a huge turn on for him, but he never mentioned it because he loved me and didn't want to insult me. I told him that it was so hot that he was so secure with himself and our relationship. I also reassured him that I wanted no other man in my life besides him, but it would be super sexy to explore this with someone we could trust.

I also decided to confess my infidelity. I expected the worse but amazingly he ask if I enjoyed it....I said that I did, that the nameless guy fucked the shit out of me and he said "that's fucking hot, but I wish that I could have enjoyed you afterwards" Once again I was floored at his tolerance. Later I would learn that our freaks blended perfectly. I loved fucking other guys and he loved me to do it! Our trust was I could REALLY enjoy being a slut for Joe.

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