Saturday, February 14, 2009

How it began....

I love my husband, but sleep with numerous other men.

It didn't begin this way. I was a good girl in High School. Dated a bit, went to church, and home by curfew. I often listened as the sluts in school talked about their adventures, the different guys they were with and wondered how they could be so proud, after all being a slut was bad. But still I was curious and jealous.

I went to college a virgin, met my husband and had great times, great sex and tons of memories...but still wondered and fantasized about my secrets. The kids were raised, I continued my career and thank God, Joe and I survived those tough times. He's a wonderful man, completely devoted to me and I often wondered just how far he could go. Would he listen to my continuous desire of being with other men...I couldn't just blurt it out. So I made a plan to slowly tempt him with a radical sexual idea....SHARE ME WITH OTHER MEN.

Little did I know he was having the same fantasies! For me to become his Hotwife, his slut, his little whore. But it wouldn't happen for a while...for two more years to be exact......Teri


  1. This was an enjoyable read - it must be time for an update since your last post! Are you and Joe still enjoying the Hotwife/Cuck lifestyle?