Monday, April 6, 2009

Hotwife rules I live by....

Joe and I enjoy everything we do together, including the Hotwife Lifestyle. We play with guys together and Joe likes me to fuck guys solo, then come back to him smelling of sex and cum ready for him to have his turn. I have a guy I go fuck at his hotel about once a month when he comes to town on business. That is very sexy...we both love it! It can also be dangerous ground unless you follow these....

......Unbreakable Rules:


2. COMMUNICATE...Listen to his needs, after all your husband is letting you fuck other men, the least you could do is listen to and fulfill his sexual needs. My husband is a big dominate man, but SEXUALLY loves to be told what I'm going to do, who I want to guess what, that's what I do.

3. NEVER become attached to a lover. DON'T let it happen EVER...FOR ANY REASON. If you do you're an IDIOT.
4. If you have solo sex, return to your husband as soon as you're finished fucking your stud so that he can have his wife, fresh AND NASTY from her encounter.

5.ALWAYS RECONNECT with him immediately after sex with someone else. TRAIN him to want you used. That way he will encourage you to fuck other men for his satisfaction.

6. SHARE the experience with him. This is for the enhancement of your relationship and for mutually exciting sexual experiences....NOT to make other men feel good. Always make sure your hubby feels INVOLVED and SATISFIED and he will put you on a pedistal and let you be the slut you want to be.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little did I know....

....that Joe had found a guy for us to play with. He had been on the internet searching for websites that discussed the lifestyle of hotwifing and cuckolding. A link appeared that connected couples with single men and he had begun a conversation with a single guy about 37 years old. He arranged a meeting at a local bar and when we arrived I almost died with anticipation. How would this work out, I wanted it to be good for us both. I had already decided that I was up for anything.

Mike arrived at exactly 7:00....GOOD, he was punctual, very cute and very personable. They shook hands.... and he and I hugged and by the pressing bulge in his dockers he had quite the cock. We talked a bit and all decided to head for the pre-arranged hotel. I was so excited that finally I was going to share this nasty urge with my fuck another guy not only with his permission, BUT he set the whole thing up and would be there with me to watch and play. How perfect could it be....How lucky could a "closet slut" get? I wanted OUT and I would soon find out just how lucky and just how nasty things could get....and how much I loved it ALL!

We entered the room and within a few minutes the action began. My attention was on this new cock and what a cock it was! Shaved, thick and long, it glistened with my saliva. I could taste his semen as it began oozing from his head. Strange cock for this nasty instant slut, I wanted him inside of me. I wanted Joe up close, to see another man fucking me, to feel his cock inside of me, maybe to lick him and me at the same time. I wanted us BOTH to enjoy his cock, for us BOTH to have a great time because I wanted this to be the first of many men we enjoyed.

My pussy expanded as he penetrated me and began his rythmic strokes. Joe was hard as steel and he grabbed my legs and spread them wide so that I could take Mike all the way in. My breath was pulled from me as this fat dick stretched me wide. I had the first of many orgasisms and this young stud had his way with me. Sucking, fucking, kissing and licking...a total whore for the night and I LOVED it!

I loved the new sexual power I had over my husband. I wanted him to be my cuck partner and he enthusiastically obliged...he's kinky, he loves to please me and I KNEW this would be a perfect venue for us both. LOVE ONLY HIM, FUCK ONLY OTHERS. I was changing and so would he...

Nasty, perverted, unconventional for sure....but it was our dirty secret and no one else's business. We love this sexual adventure I hope it never ends.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Could I resist?

It wasn't long before I was once again confronted with the opportunity to have another man. Joe was out of town and I was particularly horny. I found myself drawn to a neighborhood bar in another part of town, mostly younger people and hot guys. I went with the intention of having a drink and watching a college football game. It wasn't long before a young 30ish guy approached, commenting on the game and we struck up a quick conversation. Between the Margaritas and my horniness I had his big thick cock in my hand separated only by his Levis. I wanted him in me so bad but all I could think of was Joe and his complete trust in me.

At that point I was committed to my plan of seducing him to share me with other men. I wanted to share this sexual experience with him NOT exclude him. I left the bar and went home called Joe to say goodnight and masturbated myself to sleep. The next day I felt like a new, but very determined woman. It was Saturday evening and I had a surprise for Joe. I had ordered several hot movies and turned the DVD player on. We hadn't watched porn for many years and Joe was quite excited to find the movie heating up the screen. We sat back in the bed and my plan was begun. I inserted my vibrator and told Joe to start masturbating himself as I started commenting on the movie. What a hot slut the girl was and how much she seemed to be enjoying his big hard cock. He agreed and said it would turn him on to see a big fat cock in my pussy. I was floored that he was thinking that, much less telling me that it would turn him on. I wasn't sure that he meant it so I told him I had a fantasy of having him and a stranger fucking me in a 3way fashion. He came so hard I thought he would pass out...he began talking nasty to me and seconds later I came hard again.

I ask him if he was serious and he began telling me he often beat off thinking of pimping me out to other men. To see me sucking and fucking other men was a huge turn on for him, but he never mentioned it because he loved me and didn't want to insult me. I told him that it was so hot that he was so secure with himself and our relationship. I also reassured him that I wanted no other man in my life besides him, but it would be super sexy to explore this with someone we could trust.

I also decided to confess my infidelity. I expected the worse but amazingly he ask if I enjoyed it....I said that I did, that the nameless guy fucked the shit out of me and he said "that's fucking hot, but I wish that I could have enjoyed you afterwards" Once again I was floored at his tolerance. Later I would learn that our freaks blended perfectly. I loved fucking other guys and he loved me to do it! Our trust was I could REALLY enjoy being a slut for Joe.

Temptation prevailed.....

As the pressure of parenting subsided, the temptation of my sexuality grew. It wasn't that I was unhappy at home, quite the opposite was the case. Joe and I went new places, continued our regular sex and planned for our future. Above all else I didn't want this to change. We were perfect for each other. BUT my craving for strange cock was growing. Men noticed me and I liked it. I had new boobs, a fit and trim body and I liked showing it off.

My job requires occasional travel and it was on one of these trips that I released all constraint and slept with another man. My colleagues and I had finished several drinks at the hotel bar and preparing to leave when this youngish guy stopped me. I had noticed him and had exchanged a smile or two as our group chatted. Each time I twitched between my legs. As I got up to leave I noticed a substantial wetness in my panties and was suprisingly horny. He ask if I was going to be at the seminar tommorrow or some silly question and we sat back down.

Right then I KNEW I would fuck him if he ask. Ten minutes later we were in his room.... my hands trembling, my lips around his cock, my pussy dripping. Five minutes later he was a good 8 inches DEEP inside of me and I was in heaven. UNTIL he left and I realized what I had done. I had cheated on Joe and I hated myself for it. But I loved feeling like a slut, letting a stranger slide his big cock inside of me was what I had wanted for a long time.

For a week I had continual fantasies and masturbated regularly. I wanted it again but not that way. I wanted my husband to be part of it...either right after or during the encounter. How could I make this work so we could both enjoy this new adventure? I would quickly find the answer. Teri

How it began....

I love my husband, but sleep with numerous other men.

It didn't begin this way. I was a good girl in High School. Dated a bit, went to church, and home by curfew. I often listened as the sluts in school talked about their adventures, the different guys they were with and wondered how they could be so proud, after all being a slut was bad. But still I was curious and jealous.

I went to college a virgin, met my husband and had great times, great sex and tons of memories...but still wondered and fantasized about my secrets. The kids were raised, I continued my career and thank God, Joe and I survived those tough times. He's a wonderful man, completely devoted to me and I often wondered just how far he could go. Would he listen to my continuous desire of being with other men...I couldn't just blurt it out. So I made a plan to slowly tempt him with a radical sexual idea....SHARE ME WITH OTHER MEN.

Little did I know he was having the same fantasies! For me to become his Hotwife, his slut, his little whore. But it wouldn't happen for a while...for two more years to be exact......Teri