Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little did I know....

....that Joe had found a guy for us to play with. He had been on the internet searching for websites that discussed the lifestyle of hotwifing and cuckolding. A link appeared that connected couples with single men and he had begun a conversation with a single guy about 37 years old. He arranged a meeting at a local bar and when we arrived I almost died with anticipation. How would this work out, I wanted it to be good for us both. I had already decided that I was up for anything.

Mike arrived at exactly 7:00....GOOD, he was punctual, very cute and very personable. They shook hands.... and he and I hugged and by the pressing bulge in his dockers he had quite the cock. We talked a bit and all decided to head for the pre-arranged hotel. I was so excited that finally I was going to share this nasty urge with my husband...to fuck another guy not only with his permission, BUT he set the whole thing up and would be there with me to watch and play. How perfect could it be....How lucky could a "closet slut" get? I wanted OUT and I would soon find out just how lucky and just how nasty things could get....and how much I loved it ALL!

We entered the room and within a few minutes the action began. My attention was on this new cock and what a cock it was! Shaved, thick and long, it glistened with my saliva. I could taste his semen as it began oozing from his head. Strange cock for this nasty wife....an instant slut, I wanted him inside of me. I wanted Joe up close, to see another man fucking me, to feel his cock inside of me, maybe to lick him and me at the same time. I wanted us BOTH to enjoy his cock, for us BOTH to have a great time because I wanted this to be the first of many men we enjoyed.

My pussy expanded as he penetrated me and began his rythmic strokes. Joe was hard as steel and he grabbed my legs and spread them wide so that I could take Mike all the way in. My breath was pulled from me as this fat dick stretched me wide. I had the first of many orgasisms and this young stud had his way with me. Sucking, fucking, kissing and licking...a total whore for the night and I LOVED it!

I loved the new sexual power I had over my husband. I wanted him to be my cuck partner and he enthusiastically obliged...he's kinky, he loves to please me and I KNEW this would be a perfect venue for us both. LOVE ONLY HIM, FUCK ONLY OTHERS. I was changing and so would he...

Nasty, perverted, unconventional for sure....but it was our dirty secret and no one else's business. We love this sexual adventure I hope it never ends.


  1. You are a very bad girl. I like very bad girls. My girl is very bad as well, come take a look. The older posts are more about hotwifing.

    Keep it up!

  2. Wow, ma'am. That was sure a good read! Thank ya, kindly.