Saturday, February 14, 2009

Temptation prevailed.....

As the pressure of parenting subsided, the temptation of my sexuality grew. It wasn't that I was unhappy at home, quite the opposite was the case. Joe and I went new places, continued our regular sex and planned for our future. Above all else I didn't want this to change. We were perfect for each other. BUT my craving for strange cock was growing. Men noticed me and I liked it. I had new boobs, a fit and trim body and I liked showing it off.

My job requires occasional travel and it was on one of these trips that I released all constraint and slept with another man. My colleagues and I had finished several drinks at the hotel bar and preparing to leave when this youngish guy stopped me. I had noticed him and had exchanged a smile or two as our group chatted. Each time I twitched between my legs. As I got up to leave I noticed a substantial wetness in my panties and was suprisingly horny. He ask if I was going to be at the seminar tommorrow or some silly question and we sat back down.

Right then I KNEW I would fuck him if he ask. Ten minutes later we were in his room.... my hands trembling, my lips around his cock, my pussy dripping. Five minutes later he was a good 8 inches DEEP inside of me and I was in heaven. UNTIL he left and I realized what I had done. I had cheated on Joe and I hated myself for it. But I loved feeling like a slut, letting a stranger slide his big cock inside of me was what I had wanted for a long time.

For a week I had continual fantasies and masturbated regularly. I wanted it again but not that way. I wanted my husband to be part of it...either right after or during the encounter. How could I make this work so we could both enjoy this new adventure? I would quickly find the answer. Teri

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  1. Love this story and how it led to a closer intimacy with your husband!